MN Kitchen Remodel Details

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel for your MN home?
In this week’s blog, I would like to point out some differences in a couple of our past kitchen projects we completed. Focusing on what can be done by staying within an existing space and what can be done by expanding your space.
For the Eden Prairie kitchen pictured on the Right, was essentially a remove and replace type of remodel. The windows were existing, and new appliances were placed back in their original location.
The big difference in this project were the cabinets. Main factor was style and layout. Which made a dramatic difference in the space. Along with the cabinets, the island changed it shape and direction in a big way.
The new island required us to complete some minor floor repair. We added flooring where needed, sanded, and finished the new flooring only. The finish was blended in the existing flooring.
The lighting over the island stayed in the same location. These two items did require a sacrifice from our clients, as well as some creative thinking from our designer.
Based on the age of the home we updated some electrical and plumbing to bring these two items up to code.
The second kitchen remodel we completed was in Edina. Regarding the scope of work for this remodel, it was essentially a main floor remodel with the focus on the kitchen.
In the back of the kitchen, we removed a second set of stairs leading to the basement. We also removed 27-foot load bearing wall that was between the kitchen and family room, closing the two rooms off.
All items in this kitchen remodel were placed in a new location. All plumbing was changed, electrical was extensive, and all new lights, switches, and outlets were added. Ducting was added for the exhaust hood, and a couple of supply lines were moved as well.
The old flooring was removed on the main level and new 4” Hickory plank floor was installed and finished on site.
Both of these kitchens were a dramatic change in the end. The difference in the scope of work was needs, desire and budget. The items that both kitchens had in common:
When you are preparing for your Minnesota kitchen remodel, start with your needs, and wants. Write these down, and have a serious discussion with all of the decision makers regarding that list, and how works within your budget, and how you are planning to pay for your remodel.
Don’t worry, all your questions can be addressed at an in-home consultation!
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