Our Deck Division

Have you been thinking about redoing your existing MN deck or adding a deck to your home?
Let’s talk about how to get the ball rolling, because now is the time!
At Excel Builders we have a deck division and we will guide you through all of the details in this blog.
About our deck division!  We will take the same pride, and attention to detail while building your deck as we do with our design and build projects.  Our process is simple and straight forward.
To learn about our pricing and process you can call and speak with one of our team members at 612.524.5804 or you can also continue reading, and we will list the pricing below.
Our process starts with a phone call.  During this phone call, you will be discussing your thoughts with one of our team members.  We give you a basic cost, timeline, and options. Believe me, building a new deck does not have to be complicated, or stressful.
How does our process work, you might ask?  Well, our pricing is straight forward.  Once we gather a little information over the phone we can start with some basic pricing.  Below are some of the questions we will be asking on the phone.
With these questions, it allows us a chance to find out a little more about you and your home.
Once the basic pricing for the deck is discussed, then it is time to set up a appointment for us to meet you and review your home.  This is where we can verify the costs, get a proposal completed and get the deck scheduled to be built.
Let’s talk deck pricing:
All our pricing starts with following:


Includes decking and railing
The height of the deck, determines the number of stairs

Options / Upgrades

To be upfront, these prices are very industry standard.  There may be some situations that we may need to charge additional cost, based on design.  If this is the case, these costs will be discussed in advance, so no surprises!
If this sounds good to you, give us a call at 612.524.5804.  We look forward to hearing from you!