Painting Tips & Trends for 2013

As we mentioned earlier this week, painting can provide a fast and affordable room makeover. In our last post we discussed the importance of paint colors. Today we wanted to spend some time discussing different painting techniques and trends for 2013 that can add visual interest to your room while still creating a new overall aesthetic!
Striping: Create an easy and interesting visual effect by striping one or two walls of a room.  Simply use a level to help tape off straight lines and paint accordingly.  Use a simple glaze over a bold color, two shades of the same hue, or a matte and gloss finish of the same color.  This technique also works great for a room’s focal wall!
Mix & Match Paint Colors: A perfectly matched room is a thing of the past!  Add a fun and frivolous vibe to your room, by mixing the colors of your upper and lower cabinets or mixing the colors of your cabinet and kitchen island.
Paint To Pop: Paint in unique places.  Do you have a bookshelf full of family photos and memorabilia?  Help its contents pop by painting your bookshelf’s interior a few shades darker than your room color.  Or add that same flash of color by integrating a handful of brightly painted room accessories.  Whether you choose a series of picture frames, a painted table or a set of containers, color can add personality and flavor!
Ceiling Colors: Subtly alter the look of a room with a freshly painted ceiling. For a warm and cozy feel, paint your ceiling in a dark,  warm-toned hue. Conversely, make smaller rooms feel airier by painting  ceilings in pale shades, of gray or light blues.
Doors & Trim: Add a dash of color to your space by painting your home’s interior doors or trim.  A bright splash of color can add a festive flair to any room, while a calm and complementary shade can help tie a space together.
For more tips or help choosing paint colors for your home contact our Interior Designer, Jessica Cook!