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Picking a Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink gets a lot of use. It’s the portal to a cleaner place to eat and live. Whether you need it to wash large pots and pans, or even a baby, you may need some help when trying to pick a kitchen sink right for your family.

picking a kitchen sink

Let’s go through some details you can check when searching for your dream sink.

Choosing A Kitchen Sink Right For You


What will you be using your sink for? Cleaning huge cooking pots or baking pans? You may be washing these by hands, or simply rinsing them and sticking them in the dishwasher. Either way, your sink should help you in the process of cleaning up, not hinder you.

Also, will you need a sink large enough to utilize a chopping block? If you plan on chopping fresh veggies and washing them over the sink, then assume you will need a larger sink to help you in that activity.

Finally, are you in need of one sink or a double basin sink? If you’re going to be doing food prep and dishwashing, you may want to invest in a double sink (or even triple) so you can accomplish all your kitchen tasks without contaminating anything.


In what area of your kitchen will you need your sink to be placed? This may be near the stove, close to the dishwasher or near your dish cupboard. Answer the question of what activity you do most in your kitchen and the answer should be right in front of you.

There are many options in sink installation. Whether your current countertops need to be replaced is one of those. Depending on the material and technique of installation, you may need to hire a contractor to assess your current situation.


picking a kitchen sink

Your style of sink depends on your personal preference. Whether you want a stainless steel finish or a dull finish, colored or not, big basin or small; the options are endless. There are sinks that will fit under the counter, or sinks that sit on top. Whatever you end up getting, make sure you keep in mind your current kitchen style and how it will coordinate with those elements.

If you have any questions in regards to picking out the perfect sink, don’t hesitate to call us here at Excel Builders in Minnesota. We are a full-service construction contractor and home remodeling company ready to serve you. Call today for an estimate!


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