Planning For Your Remodeling Budget

How to plan for an accurate remodeling budget.

In our past blogs, we have discussed moving or staying. In this blog, lets touch on the budget requirements for your remodel. All projects require a budget, and the size and type of remodel will require different budgets to complete.
In all remodeling projects, there are indirect cost that have an impact on the budget. These indirect costs are dust protection, floor protection, disposal, storage, satellite toilet service for the workers, permit, and the cost to file a permit. So, let’s break these down.
If you are completing a DIY project or hiring out the work to a reputable remodeling company, the goal is to keep the dust contained inside the work zone. Items needed to complete this, are plastic, tape, zip wall poles or third hand tools, and labor.
Timeā€¦all of this takes time to purchase, and then complete the install in your home. This time in the end will be worth it. Depending on the size of your project this will or should stay in place and most likely will need to be taken down and replaced a couple of times throughout the project.
Floor protection is pretty similar to dust protection. The prep work in the beginning will prevent problems down the road. We use a product called Ram Board and lay it down on all flooring not being replaced during the remodel.
Floor protection usually has to be taken up and replaced once or twice in each project. Floor protection will need to be placed once the floors are finished during the remodel as well. For this we install a layer of foam and then the floor protection. This is good if you are protecting a hardwood floor.
Disposal is typically a 20 yard dumpster or two, depending on the size of the job. Also, depending on location a permit may need to be pulled to place the dumpster on the road, which can add more cost.
Storage is a must. Placing furniture in rooms throughout your home to complete a remodel will add to aggravation by the end of the remodel. We suggest getting a pod to place your items in and have the pod removed from the job site. No, the garage is not an option. Your garage will be used for job related material storage and a work area to complete various task.
In-direct cost may range from 3% to 7% of the project cost, this percentage will have an impact and should be taken into consideration before deciding on your final budget.
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