Planning Your Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen trends frequently come and go, but one that has remained consistent for several years has been the inclusion of a kitchen island.  This should come as no surprise given their many uses.  Kitchen islands can serve as an extra meal preparation area, a space to gather around for entertaining, or an area to store your family’s central command information.  Keep the following points in mind when installing your kitchen island.

Design Considerations: When planning your kitchen island keep in mind a few design considerations.  The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends 42 – 48 inches of aisle space surrounding an island. In addition, the island itself should be a minimum of three feet by four feet, in order to ensure a proper work area.  However, keep in mind that for ergonomic cleaning purposes, you also do not want your island’s size to get too large.

Dual Duty: When installing your island, consider what dual purposes it can serve.  For example, will y0u be installing your dishwasher in the island?  If so the appropriate electrical and plumbing considerations will need to be made.  Alternately, islands can be a great place to build in additional storage or cabinetry.
Consider Its Purpose: Once you have determined your island’s purpose, consider what you will need to make the space functional.  For example, if your island will be used primarily for food preparation, consider installing a prep sink, ensuring access to outlets for small appliances, and covering your island in a butcher block countertop.  On the other hand, if your kitchen island will be used primarily for dining and entertainment you will need to consider the height that you would like your island, if you will want two heights for standing and sitting, and where stools or other seating will be stored when not in use.
Light It Up: Regardless of your kitchen island’s purpose, you will need proper lighting to utilize this space.  Consider installing pendant or overhead lighting directly above the island to ensure direct light.
Ready to plan your kitchen island?  Check out our kitchen gallery for inspiration and contact us today to get your project started!