Popular 2017 MN Kitchen Trends

In this blog, we are going to discuss some popular trends Excel Builders is seeing this year in our kitchen remodels. We are a design build firm located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Throughout the year as we meet with prospective clients, a large percent of them are looking for their dream kitchen!
Islands, with the busy life style between work, and the kids after school functions, people are looking for a place to gather in a casual atmosphere. Essentially, the island almost replaces the couch in the living room!
The goal of the island is usually two-fold, to allow space for seating, and provide additional storage…who doesn’t need more storage? Let’s not forget the lovely prep space!
Open it up, that is correct! Open floors plans are a big request! Most homes that were built in 70’s through the 90’s was traditional and built with multiple rooms, breaking the house up into little boxes. These homes don’t always function for our lifestyle today. We are hearing a big request to eliminate the traditional dining room and utilize space for a larger kitchen.
Painted cabinets have been popular trend for quite some time now. White is still the color of choice. Now, there are many variations in the color of white, and our talented designer is excellent at finding a color that best fits our clients new design!
Drawers are not just for looks, although that helps. With a drawer, you have a one step process. Drawers offer another solution to the standard base cabinet with doors. They can be designed to a specific size to fit your storage solutions, and function with ease. Or another option is to have a base cabinet with pullouts inside the cabinet. However, this becomes a two-step process.
Lighting, in most cases almost always needs to be updated. Not only moving recessed lights around to fit a modern design, but additional lighting is usually necessary. Lighting is the one area that should not be skimped on.
Pendant lighting is very popular as well, adding new light fixtures in the kitchen is a great way to add charm and your character to your new space.
Another popular item is adding open shelves, the days of hiding your items behind the cabinet doors are gone. It is okay to show off your cookbooks, spices, or even your dishes. Shelves can come in a wide variety of materials and looks, from glass, metal or wood.
Yes, open shelving can be built and installed to carry the load of your kitchen items. Based on how you want to use the shelves basic engineering will have to be completed. As with any remodel, your imagination is the limit!
Simple and seamless is not new, people are now just paying attention to it. For Excel Builders when the request is for a more modern look comes up, we discuss for overlay cabinets with a scaled back and simple crown molding. Another feature used to accomplish this look is by changing the depth of your cabinets in your kitchen, from a tall pantry to base cabinets. Changing the depth of your cabinets need to be approached in a logical manner. Done correctly, it can add interest and dimension to your kitchen.
Most kitchen design meetings start with, “We need more storage and space”. A modern kitchen can have the same cabinets as the existing and still achieve more storage. How is this done? Well, how the cabinets are built is important. Frameless cabinets alone can give you up to 40% more storage. Visit our sister company www.artisancabinetco.com to learn more about how frameless cabinets can work for you.
Along with frameless cabinets, we can add interior cabinet accessories to make your storage more efficient. Accessories include, pullouts in place of shelves, trash pullout, spice drawer, baking pan dividers and more! We carry the whole line of Rev a Shelf items for your needs. These accessories can be added to existing cabinetry or built-in to your custom cabinets.
Along with these view items mentioned in this blog, there are many more kitchen remodel design ideas that can be used to take your kitchen remodel to a level you have never imagined. Give Excel Builders a call today at 612.524.5804