Project Feature: Edina Bathroom Remodel

Here at Excel, we have been busy wrapping up a six-week remodel of a 1960’s Edina home.  The homeowner was interested in giving her outdated bathroom a complete face lift.  In addition to improving the room’s visual appeal, we were also brought on board to updated the home’s electrical and plumbing.
We began by assessing the existing space.  Complete with the original tile, bathtub, vanity, and vanity top, the bathroom had a slightly impractical design.  For example, a window located in the shower was trimmed with wood which had to be carefully covered when the shower was in use to prevent the wood from getting wet and rotting.
With that in mind, we began our remodel with an eye towards both form and function.  We replaced the room’s tile and worked with the homeowner to design the layout.  To make the space a bit more practical, we replaced the wood trim around the bathroom window with tile as well.  We also replaced the home’s vanity and vanity top, upgraded the bathroom fixtures, and repainted the space.
We were extremely pleased with this project!  Not only did our tile setter do a great job setting the tile, but the homeowner also provided a wonderful selection of materials that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We can’t wait to partner with our next homeowner on future endeavors!