Project Feature: Minneapolis Basement Remodel

Excel Builders just wrapped up work on a two-month remodel of a beautiful Minneapolis home! The 1930’s two-story home needed a little TLC. This growing family needed a place for their children to play but, unfortunately, the basement was deemed too scary to venture down into. We took on the bare basement with a vengeance, determined to turn it into a family-friendly space. We began by insulating and dry walling the basement’s unpainted, concrete walls. Next, we tackled the ceiling with a deep cleaning and some fresh paint. No play space is complete without a restroom, so we added a bathroom, sink, and toilet. Then, we placed the home’s original basement windows with new sliding Kolbe models. Last but certainly not least, we added new six-panel doors, base trim, case trim, and window trim – all of which contributed to give the space a clean, new look!
This project was an exciting challenge for our team. Finishing the basement of an older home, with all the quirks that older homes tend to have – low ceilings, limited space, poor lighting, etc. – can seem a bit daunting. But if this project proved anything, it was that with proper planning, great lighting, and bright colors, even the darkest of spaces can be transformed into rooms well beyond expectations!