Remodeling a Bathroom? Where to Start to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Are you thinking about remodeling a bathroom but do not know where to start? Maybe you know where to start but have a few questions. What kind of tile should I use? What kind of tools do I need to tile a bathroom? How do you prepare a bathroom for a remodel? Should I hire a contractor, or can I complete the remodel myself?
Where to Start? Design Your Bathroom
The first place to start is with the bathroom design. I suggest that you create a list of the amenities you need in your bathroom and a list of the amenities you would like to include in your bathroom. You may need to edit your list depending on your budget. Once you have a basic idea of the needs of your bathroom remodel, it is time to start putting all the pieces together.
For the sake of this article and other articles to follow, I am going to focus on a bathroom makeover. A makeover is generally less expensive and easier to complete. A makeover usually is also the quickest bathroom remodel. All the existing walls, plumbing, electrical outlets, doors, etc. remain in place. A makeover generally includes replacement of all the fixtures, such as bathtub, shower, and faucets. You may also want to replace the tile on the floor, walls, and shower. In addition, a bathroom makeover may include replacement of the lighting, vanity, and vanity top. Most people also install a bath fan, if needed. Remember, you must follow all building codes and have the electrical inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical is conforming to current building codes for the bathroom. Finally, give the bathroom a new coat of paint to give it a new look!
Selecting Your Tile
Once you have an idea of your bathroom design and what you want to incoroporate in your bathroom, the next step is selecting the tile. There are numerous products of tile on the market today ranging in price.
I hope this information provides you with better understanding of the different types of tile that are available. It is time to go to the local tile shop and look for the tile that catches your eye! I encourage my clients to visit a tile store that includes full tile displays so they can see firsthand the finished product. Take along any pictures you may have found in a magazine or book that you would like to use as a base for your bathroom design. Good luck on your bathroom remodel!