Remodeling Proposal Before Design Completion

In our last blog, we talked about the cost-plus type of proposal. So, to continue on to the next type of proposal, we are going to talk about proposals that are done before the design has been completed. Now, this type of proposal can be a free proposal or paid for, and I will touch on both types. As I have mentioned before, I am not opposed to either type of proposal, and it will depend on what works best for you and your needs.
A proposal before design, will most likely be based on some general assumptions, such as plumbing cost, electrical cost, HVAC, and framing to name a few. At Excel Builders, we do not complete free estimates or proposals. However, we do complete proposals before design, for a small fee.
When we are completing this type of proposal, we will complete a walk-through in the space, take basic measurements, and notes that will be helpful when completing the proposal. The advantage of this type of proposal to you as my potential client is accuracy. The proposal is going to be more accurate and detailed, than a free proposal.
Since we have designed and completed many remodels, we have the experience to know what things are going to drive cost. Such as, what things need to be included because of the change, like extra drywall repairs, paint, and millwork or simply the quantities of certain items needed to accomplish your overall goal.

Some basics that should be covered in all proposals, and are usually skipped when the design has not been completed:

– Quantity of electrical items
o Recessed lights
o Switches
o Outlets
o Additional fixtures, or changing out fixtures.
o Moving locations of electrical items
– Plumbing
o In some cases, plumbing will need to be updated and moved to accommodate new fixtures or appliances.
– Allowance Items
o What is the breakdown of allowance items, such has how much tile, flooring, cabinet hardware, and accessories.
These are just a few of the items that will need to be covered in the proposal. If you are receiving a free proposal, you should clarify the steps taken by the builder or contractor to know how they came to the estimated cost. Are they completing walk-throughs, and taking measurements?
The items in the proposal we provide prior to design are the not the same as the items in the proposal you would receive after the design is completed, however it is including all items with allowance to establish a good idea of what it will take to get the project going before heading to design. So, the overall purpose of this type of proposal before design is completed, is establishing an accurate budget, before investing additional money in the design phase.
Depending on the scope of work and the job specifics, completing a proposal before design may not work. A good example is a kitchen or bathroom remodel where the layout is completely changing. The goal of this proposal is to be accurate in cost, this way a budget is set, and we then move to the design phase of the project.
In the end, design is almost always needed. So, if you are looking for a proposal before design, understand that design may be needed at some point. To continue this blog series, I will discuss the design before proposal in the next blog.

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