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Making Your Home Bigger

As your family grows, your home should grow with it, whether you need an additional bedroom, a family room, or a craft room, we can seamlessly add onto your home so that it looks as though it was always there. We have worked with numerous families to construct home additions that your family will love. Our design team is there to make your vision for your home addition a reality. Take a look at our home addition process to see how we can add on to your home.

Our Design Process

  1. In-Home Consultation – You will schedule a time when our designers can get an overview of your home and discuss your ideas. During this consultation, we will get an understanding of your home addition and see about building into your backyard or adding a second story to your home. We want to have a complete vision of what you wish to do to your home. At this point, we will be able to offer a rough estimate and timeline that will get more exact as the design process goes on.
  2. Conceptual Drawings – We will create basic drawings to display how to make your vision a reality. If there is anything that our designers did not understand about what you want, discuss your concerns with them, and we will be able to amend our plans.
  3. Detailed Drawings – Once we are on the same page with the conceptual drawings, we will be able to create much more detailed drawings of what your home addition will look like. We could even create a 3-D model and rendering so that you get a virtual walkthrough of your home addition.
  4. Product Selection – As soon as your detailed drawings have been approved, we will finalize your product selection. This includes lighting, flooring, cabinetry, custom furniture, fine details, and hardware. We will make sure that you love your home addition and it looks the way that you always dreamed.

Our Designers

Our designers love any challenge and are ready to help give you the home of your dreams. We will ensure that you are satisfied with the design of your home addition. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our designers.


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