Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

Kitchen remodeling is never a one size fits all process. Every MN home, every kitchen, and every client is different. While plenty of homeowners have the budget and availability to remodel at lightning speed, that simply isn’t realistic for others. From scheduling conflicts to financial concerns, there are countless reasons why breaking a remodel into stages might be a better fit for some homeowners.
Spread Out Expenses.
Parsing out home updates certainly has its advantages, the greatest of which obviously being spreading out significant expenses. Breaking up a project that’s as disruptive to home life as re-doing your kitchen may also be appealing – less pressure and intensity in such a short period! Staggered expenses and chaos are both huge upsides, however, remodeling over an extended timetable does require extensive planning, awareness, and discipline.
Patience is Key.
Patience is undoubtedly the strongest asset in any marathon remodeler’s arsenal! Stretching out something as complicated as a kitchen overhaul requires prudence, each step along the way needs to fit into a larger game plan. For example, painting cabinets or installing countertops right away are probably bad calls with this kind of project. What if you decide to make structural changes later? Or purchase new appliances that don’t fit with your current layout?
Map Out the Big Picture.
Again, at Excel Builders we can’t stress this enough, start by mapping out the big picture. Decide how much ground you want to cover, what you’re willing to spend, and how much, if any, work you can do on your own. Once you’ve determined your budget, plan, and skill level, next would come researching products and contractors. If you’re planning on a more comprehensive remodel, we highly suggest calling in some expert advice! Navigating the process, particularly when the order of events is so vital, with someone who knows the ins and outs of construction will serve you well.
Remember, if you’re considering remodeling in stages you don’t have to go at it alone! The most competent DIY-er can still benefit from a little input and help along the way. Whether you’re just forming your game plan or are already halfway through the race, don’t hesitate to tag us in for some help!