Serene Sanctuaries: Master Bathroom Design

One of our favorite rooms to help our clients re-imagine is the master bathroom. Unlike any other place in the home, master baths are uniquely private, intimate, and practical spaces. Master suites are meant to be peaceful and separate, a special haven for homeowners to enjoy alone. Besides their personal nature, bathrooms also have a highly functional purpose. Certain rituals and routines happen in them every single day. In the end, striking the delicate balance of form and function is what makes creating master bathrooms an exciting design challenge!
Contemplating a bathroom overhaul of your own and wondering what features to focus on? Read on below to discover our top 4 relaxing master bath design musts!
Soaking Tub or Oversized Shower.
Hands down, our favorite master bathroom main attraction has to be a luxurious soaking tub or oversized shower. While many of our clients opt for both, if your budget or square footage is more limited, then go with whichever feature you think you’d use more regularly. Not a bath person? No big deal – do what makes you happy, it’s your home after all! Besides, a beautifully tiled, spa-style, walk-in shower makes just as striking of a design impression.
Spacious Vanity. 
Another must for any master bath upgrade is a double vanity. A double vanity doesn’t just look lovely, but you’ll marvel at how the extra breathing room eases your daily routine! Imagine, no more taking turns sharing the mirror with your spouse, no misplacing each other’s toiletries, no running behind because you had to wait for your husband to shave – paradise right? If you have room in your bathroom’s layout, we would highly recommend making a double vanity a priority!
Mood Lighting. 
This design element is a subtle one, but the power of good lighting should never be underestimated! Think back to some of your least favorite interior spaces, we’re guessing poor lighting was a significant factor in at least one them. Are we right? Lighting hugely influences our mood, too little natural light and we can become despondent and sluggish. In the same vein, too much fluorescent light (especially in the early morning or late evening) can be aggravating and overwhelming. When attempting to foster a peaceful bathroom haven, be sure to make like-minded lighting choices.
Calming Color Palette.
Right next to lighting, color also plays a huge role in shaping how we feel in any space. If creating a relaxing bathroom retreat is your aim, then selecting a more cool or subdued color palette would be wise. Obviously color is greatly tied to personal preferences, but we’d still recommend saving really bright or bold choices for bathroom accessories. Stick with a more neutral or natural color scheme overall, employing strategic pops of color to provide energy and keep things interesting!