Signs Of A Failing Roof

Roofing can protect up to ninety-five percent of a home’s assets. Yet, after being exposed to wind, hail, snow, rain, sun and ever changing weather patterns, your roof can also be relatively delicate. A failing roof can be dangerous to you and your family and, as such, is nothing to be fooled around with! To ensure that your roof is not a risk, check it regularly for signs of failure. The following are some of the danger signs that you need to be aware of:
Age: First and foremost, roofs age and have a finite lifespan just like anything else.  As such, the years of service behind your roof are an important consideration.  Any roof older than ten years should be carefully inspected annually and any roof over twenty years of age should be scheduled for replacement.
Lifting, Cracked, Curled or Missing Shingles: Bending, twisting or cracked shingles can be the result of a lack of ventilation or it could be a sign that you have broken or missing fasteners.  In addition, curling and buckling makes your roof especially susceptible to high winds, meaning that even if it is not damaged now, it may be in the near future unless a repair is made.
Smooth Areas: Smooth areas on your roof are typically those in which the granulars have fallen off.  An excessive loss of grains and particles in aging shingles can indicate the need for replacement.  However, note that on newly applied shingles, a certain number of loose granules is also normal.
Attic Sheath Staining: Dark water spots on the ceiling of your attic can be caused by leaks in the roofing system and could be another sign of failure.  From inside your attic look for dark spots or trails, stained or matted insulation, or sunlight shining in from the outside.
Recalls: Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for any recalls regarding your roofing system.  The best way to do so is to check-in periodically with the manufacturer’s website for any recall information.