The Importance of the Scope of Work

I am always asked, “What will my Kitchen Remodel Cost?” … In a nut shell, I don’t know without a design and the scope of work, and the most important element is the scope of work
In my terms, the scope of work is the space that is to be worked on, with the detailed breakdown of the work to be completed, and the materials needed to accomplish the end goal.
A detailed scope of work is so important that its value cannot be stressed enough.
If you are completing a kitchen remodel and you have hired a contractor to complete the work, and the contractor submitted an estimate for the all of the work, but inside the estimate, he did not list to remove the drywall and insulation. You may think, OK, no worries… he knows what he is doing, and there must be reason? However, did you want to add additional outlets, switches, or under cabinet lights in your new kitchen? To complete this, the drywall and insulation in most cases will need to be removed. This would be an additional cost, and a change order that will most likely sneak up on you.
This is where the breakdown between you and the contractor begins. Should he have known? He is the professional. On the other hand, did you have a budget you wanted the work completed for? This is only one example, and there are a lot of items that are linked together throughout a remodel. To complete one item, in most cases you must complete another item.
Not only knowing but understanding the scope of work will save you from costly mistakes and frustrations. Everything that needs to be completed cost money, down to the simplest tasks; nothing is for free. This is one reason free estimates do not work, because they usually are lacking the detail to know your true cost before starting the remodel.
When starting to budget for your kitchen remodel, it is imperative that you know what you want to invest, and what you want to achieve, and what is more logical to work in a range of cost. This is where a design and build firm can assist you in planning for your kitchen remodel.
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