The Ins & Outs of Building a Home Addition | Minneapolis Builder and Remodeler

Building an addition to your home may seem like a daunting project, but it might be the most natural next step in expanding your home and getting the space you need.
Since you know the house you’re in, and know it well, you’re already aware of what you love and don’t love, what new space you need, and what space isn’t being used to it’s fullest. This insider’s knowledge makes it easier to define what you want to include as you prepare for your addition.
Deciding how the new roof will interact with the rest of your house is part of the architectural design process when planning an addition.
1. The Design Stage – A specific design is crucial to starting an addition and getting it done right.  At Excel Builders, we’re serious about getting you a high quality, detailed design that includes what you want.  This is done first with the exterior layout, secondly with the interior design.
Architechtural Design  – The exterior, or structural aspect of your design needs to be done first.  This means you need to:
Interior Design  – The interior layout is done next.  In this stage you’ll consider factors like:
2. The Building Stage – Once the design plans are in place and approved, construction can begin.  Building an addition is a big project, and you need to be prepared.

Preparing Yourself for the Process:

The Payoff – Though it can seem like an overwhelming process at times, the payoff of building an addition is big.  Keeping the value of what you already have and investing in it is a smart move.  It’s unlikely you’re ever going to be 100% happy with any home you find, meaning remodeling projects are always looming.  Why not pour that time and investment into a home where you already know you like other features.  It’s time to fall in love with your home all over again!
If you’re ready to begin the home addition process, Minneapolis contractor Excel Builders can be with you every step of the way.  We happily start by getting you a thorough design and then only move forward once you’re truly satisfied with the direction things are going.  And once we begin the building stage, keeping things as clean and convenient as possible is our priority, as we work with meticulous excellence to add to the home you already love!  Contact us today!  Remodeling and building contractor serving Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro area.