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The Perfect Guest Bathroom: Prepare Now for Holiday Guests! | Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeler

The holiday season will be here before you know it. Minneapolis Bathroom RemodelAnd with the holidays, come house guests! Prepare your home now to be a welcoming and accommodating space for friends and family who come to stay -- blow them away with your amazing hospitality! A great place to start is by adding, updating, or just organizing the perfect guest bathroom using these great tips:

Positioning  -- If you’re tired of cramming into a single bathroom each time visitors come to call, now might be the time to remodel your space to include a new bathroom. Ideally, the guest bathroom should be placed as near to the guest bedroom as possible, if not attached. Your guests will appreciate both privacy and convenience. A good designer will be a huge help in deciding where the bathroom will fit best and what layout to choose.

Storage  --  Remember guests come with bags in hand! So you’ll want to leave some surfaces, drawers, and shelving empty. Install extra shelving and make sure you select spacious cabinetry, with room for your own bathroom storage as well as space for your guests' own travel items. Include enough countertop space to leave part of it empty for guests as well, and install a few hooks for convenience. Keeping a hamper in the room for used towels also makes things easy and keeps the bathroom floor tidy. Not sure how to fit extra storage into your small space? Try the clever bathroom storage ideas from hgtv here.

  --  For the guest bath, comfort and easy-going luxury are key. Keep the style of your guest bathroom simple, yet create a space where guests feel pampered and relaxed. You’ll want to create a room that appeals both to your own needs and style, while keeping guests in mind. Select easy to care for materials for your bathroom countertops, shower, and flooring, but make sure it suits the style of the rest of your home as well. The guest bathroom will likely be more basic than your main or master bath, but don’t skimp so that it looks lower-quality than the rest of your home - a mistake in the long run with your home investment in mind.

Lighting  --  A larger mirror and good lighting will be appreciated by guests who may be preparing to look their best — a combination of ambient, accent task and decorative lighting is often a good fit. Pure white light is ideal, but don’t forget to either include a dimmer switch or a night light, so that guests can easily find their way in the dark.

Accessories  --  Make things easy on your guests by creating a well-stocked bathroom. It’s no fun to feel like you’re a bother by having to ask for every little thing you need. Stock your guest bathroom with basics like towels, toilet paper, and shampoo. Then go above and beyond by adding a stash of items that your guest might forget - extra toothbrushes, deodorant, bandaids, cotton balls, and more. To make guests feel even more welcome, splurge on thick, soft towels and fragrant soaps. For more tips on accessorizing a welcoming guest bath, check out these tips from hgtv!

Need some more inspiration for the perfect guest bathroom? Peak at these photos from Better Homes & Gardens here!

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