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Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling in Minnesota? Don’t Forget About Winter!

August is upon us, which means Labor Day is nearing and winter is just around the corner. Yes, it’s true, we have a few more months left before the first snow flies. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider winter NOW while you are planning for your next bathroom remodeling project.

5 Bathroom “Must-Haves” to Keep Minnesota Winters at Bay

Here are several “must-have” items to add to your bathroom remodeling checklist to help you stay warm and comfortable during our long Minnesota winters:

  • Spa tub: Nothing beats the winter cold than soaking in a nice hot bath—especially when that bath includes jets to help work away tension. Pro tip: Don’t just consider the type of tub, but also the size. Jacuzzi tubs and other spa-like bathtubs often allow for two people.
  • Walk-in shower with multiple shower heads: One shower head, no matter how powerful, can only reach so much of you at one time. Adding in several body sprayers and shower heads can ensure a warm shower all around. Pro tip: Use aerated showerheads to reduce water output while increasing flow.
  • Heated tiles: Nothing takes the warmth out of your body like stepping onto a cold floor after a hot shower or bath. Avoid the shock by adding heated tiles to your bathroom floors. Pro tip:  Heated tiles in a basement bathroom may even help keep your heating bill a bit lower!
  • Well-insulated windows and walls: No matter how warm your shower or bath is, you will still feel cold if you have poor insulation throughout your bathroom. Add insulation to the walls and check the caulking around the windows to keep cold air out. Pro tip: Window coverings can also go a long way in keeping your bathroom warm.
  • Proper ventilation: While you want good insulation to keep the cold out, you also do not want your room to become moldy due to lack of ventilation. Pro tip: Work out a solid ventilation plan with your Minneapolis remodeler before you get too far into your project.

Do You Have Any Pro Tips of Your Own?

What did you do during your bathroom remodeling project to protect against the harsh Minnesota winters? Do you think we’ve hit the nail on the head with our 5 favorite options listed above? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or give our design-build company a call at 952-361-8664.

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