Tips for Creating a Basement Bathroom: Basement Remodeling Series – Part 5 | Minneapolis Basement Remodeler

Including a bathroom in your basement remodel plans is an excellent investment and a just-plain-practical idea.
As with the other areas of your basement, you’ll want to keep in mind that this bathroom space is an extension of the rest of your home, and complete it with the same level of quality and style as the upper level of your home to make your investment worthwhile.
Minneapolis Basement Bathroom Remodeling

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you remodel your basement to include a bathroom:

-Be aware of important plumbing needs. Below-ground plumbing is a more intense process than your main level plumbing, so make sure it’s done right. Concrete flooring will need to be broken up to prepare for extra piping and drainage. You’ll want your plumber or remodeler to install a backflow-prevention valve on your main drain line to prevent backups. And a full below ground bath will need a sewage ejector system with a tank and pump to keep things running smoothly.
-Keep the humidity level down. Like the rest of your basement, avoiding extra moisture is a must. In addition to a good exhaust fan, consider adding a humidistat feature to the fan that will automatically turn it on when the air’s too damp. And like other areas of the basement, make sure you take precautions to keep moisture from penetrating the walls.
-Design it to be light and bright. Though you’ll want a similar style to your other bathrooms to keep your home’s style uniform, remember that basement baths are unlikely to have a window. So consider using reflective surfaces (i.e. shiny hardware, tile or counterop with a sheen), white woodwork or white/light decorative accents, extra lighting, and a nice mirror to keep the room bright and cheery.
This is the last of 5 articles in our Basement Remodeling series! To start from the beginning, head to part 1 here and benefit from our tips on everything from Keeping Your Basement Dry to Designing a Cozy Basement.
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