Tips on Choosing Bathroom Tile – Part 2 of 2 | Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeler

Last week we shared our first three tips for selecting bathroom tile – if you missed part 1 of this topic, you can find it This week we want to follow up with two more great ideas that will help you narrow down the bathroom tile that is best for your bathroom as you remodel!
Bathroom Shower Tile

3. Keep in Mind Where the Tile is Being Used:
On your walls, a glass tile may be a beautiful fit, and as long as it can hold up to steam, the concerns are minimal. (Peak at some fun bathroom backsplash tile here).  On your bathroom floor however, you’ll want a tile graded to withstand foot traffic and one that’s not too slippery.  Your shower floor is yet another area where texture is a crucial factor; a stone tile or one with a raised pattern will increase friction and prevent falls.  See some ideas on tile specific to showers here.  Tile is a product you need to “touch and feel” to get the full scope of how it will be best for your space.

4. Consider the Design Factor:
The color, shape, size, and texture of your new tile will all play into the final look of your bathroom.  Here are a couple of factors to consider: Do you plan to re-sell shortly or be in your home for a long time?  Do you want your room to be bold or give off a relaxed vibe?  Answering those will give you a starting point for the design you want.  Add these tips & ideas and you’ll be off to a great start:

Now you’re ready to shop!  With these five tips in mind, you should be able to find a starting point to make your search for bathroom tile just a little bit simpler (& hopefully fun!).
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