Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Navigating trends can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of the remodeling process. From tv shows to magazines, DIY blogs to Pinterest, we’re all constantly inundated with interior design inspiration! Dreaming about giving your kitchen a fresh look is fun, but when the rubber meets the road it can be hard to decipher what popular styles suit your actual space.
Incorporating trends into a remodel is always a balancing act. Kitchens in particular seem to be the real epicenter of current home trends, they’re constantly changing and becoming more style-focused. We work to help our clients seamlessly blend timeless trends with their own personal taste. Curious about what trends we see most often? Read below to uncover our top five favorites!
Range Hoods. We absolutely love a dramatic range hood – they can elevate the style of any kitchen! While sleek stainless steel pieces seem to be at the head of the pack, a more subtle wooden range hood would also make a stunning addition to any space.
Subway Tile. We know, subway tile seems to be everywhere now, but we believe the style’s exploding for good reason. Subway tile is classic, elegant, simple and comes in a huge range of colors. It’s the textbook definition of a no-regret trend: a popular fad with enduring appeal!
Open Shelving. This trend is not for everyone, those with more formal taste may not appreciate having their cabinets exposed for all to see, but when done well it’s just stunning. Floating shelves and open cabinets compliment a more minimal design aesthetic, or eclectic collectors with lots of special pieces to showcase!
Accent Lighting. If you’re looking for a quick and painless way to mix-up your kitchen’s style then this trend is for you. Even better? The options are practically endless! Whether your taste is modern, classic, mid-century, victorian, minimal, etc… we’re positive there is something available to match your home’s vibe!
Farmhouse Sinks. Charming, simple, and durable, farmhouse sinks are definitely a trend on the rise. We think these lovely sinks are another fad with true staying power. After all, their appeal has endured so long that an entire new generation is restoring them or adding updated versions to their kitchens – talk about timeless!