Vanity Style

Face it – you’ve grown up. You no longer fight with your brothers and sisters, or even mom and dad for bathroom time. You’ve now moved on to fighting your husband, wife, sons and daughters for those precious minutes. But, with Excel Builder’s help, the battle for who gets to wash their face and who gets to brush their teeth can finally end. With the options we provide in bathroom vanity styles, you can cut the string of your “keep out of bathroom” sign, and instead implement more of a revolving-door policy. (However, that’s still ultimately up to you.)
Often the focal point of the bathroom, your vanity style will have a huge impact on not only layout and design, but storage space and functionality as well. Whether it’s a simple wall-mounted vanity with a metal faucet and a ceramic sink, or a custom aged-oak vanity with two marble sinks and a dozen drawers, there are endless possibilities–from traditional, to vintage to contemporary–that will suit all personalities and tastes.

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There are many questions to ask yourself when shopping for bathroom vanities. The following points are important to keep in mind when considering style, function and cost.
Most vanities usually come with either one or two sinks. Double sink vanities provide more space than single sink vanities, and are often utilized in master bathrooms or guest bathrooms where two or more people will be sharing the space. If you need a sink for a smaller bathroom, consider purchasing a single sink vanity.
Excel will help you manage your storage options by supplying or customizing the necessary vanity. If you are installing a vanity in a children’s bathroom, single sink vanities, which start at around 24 inches wide are usually the best option. A master bathroom dual vanity starts at around 60 inches wide.
When imagining your perfect bathroom, storage space isn’t probably the first thing you envision. However, there is an art to adding storage space while trying to design a striking bathroom–and we at Excel have perfected it. With countless options in vanity storage space, from drawers and cabinets, to shelves and counter space, together we’ll find the best option for your needs.
Excel will build or order your custom vanity for your new bathroom. Just take into account the style of these elements. If you have any questions, we’ll be on-hand to tell you about a certain product.
1. Base. These can come in any material, from wood to glass or even metal, and is often where the storage space is located.
2. Countertop. The countertop is a statement, really. It can either complement the rest of your house’s design features or make a bold statement on its own.
3. Sink. This is where you can get creative with accents and accessories. Be subdued with a classic undermount sink, or be daring with a vessel sink, which sits above the counter.
4. Hardware. Add sink handles, customize faucet spouts, or change your cabinet knobs. Whatever you want. Make your bathroom your own.
If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, don’t hesitate to connect with us here at Excel Builders to begin a design plan that will help your bathroom live up to its full potential!