Vinyl Vs. Fiberglass Windows

A few weeks ago we compared vinyl versus aluminum windows Today, we would like to focus on vinyl versus fiberglass windows.


Aesthetic: Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC (the same material used to make plumbing and electrical pipes).  Vinyl windows are available in a variety of colors.  However, because they cannot be painted, exact color matches to the exterior of your home may be difficult to come by.  In addition, because vinyl cannot be shaped into ultra thin pieces, it can sometimes appear to have a heavier, more plastic aesthetic.
Maintenance & Durability: Vinyl windows are low-maintenance, requiring little to no maintenance, and nothing more than a seasonal light cleaning.  Vinyl also has low visibility for scratches and dings – meaning your windows will look nicer for longer!
Efficiency: Vinyl windows tend to provide much more insulation than alternative materials, including aluminium.  Vinyl clad windows will keep heat from entering your home during the summer and help to retain heat during the winter.
Bottom Line: Vinyl windows are a low cost and low maintenance window option.  However, there are limitations regarding style, aesthetic and color availability. Also remember, vinyl has many different types and price points on the market, so essentially you will get what you pay for.
Aesthetic: Fiberglass windows are made from glass fibers that are combined together to make  sheets.  Fiberglass windows have a close resemblance to wood, making them an attractive higher-end  alternative to vinyl.  Most fiberglass styles offer clean lines and are available in wide variety of colors.
Maintenance & Durability: Fiberglass windows are relatively durable – they resist rotting, warping, and cracking – but will need routine painting to maintain their color and appearance.
Efficiency: In our eyes the Marvin Windows Clad Series beats any window out there. They are a high quality window and Marvin is a great company that stands behind their products!
Bottom Line: Fiberglass windows do cost a little bit more, but again you get what you pay for. So if you are looking for a high quality window with a wide range of aesthetic options fiberglass may be the best choice for you.
As with all products you are choosing for your home, there are many choices, sometimes too many choices. Along with these choices comes a wide range of pricing. It can be more than confusing when choosing windows for your home because of the amount of choices one has.
At Excel Builders the main brand of windows we sell and install are Marvin Windows.  Marvin Windows come in two lines, Marvin and Ultrex.  Up until recently the Marvin line was more of a custom line of Windows. Marvin had aluminum clad exterior, wood interior, dual pane glass, and are energy-efficient.
The second line of windows from Marvin that we install is the Ultrex window. The Ultex window is built around durability, style, strength and beauty. Being  made of 100% fiberglass the Ultrex line of windows will outperform and outlast vinyl, aluminum and composite. The Ultrex window is eight times more rigid than vinyl, four times stronger than composites, and has a 38% longer life expectancy than vinyl.
The Ultrex window comes in fiberglass exterior and interior, or fiberglass exterior and wood interior.
We feel it is very important for us at Excel Builders to find and share the products that we believe in and stand behind with our clients. Marvin Windows is one of the many products that we recommend to our clients that we believe is a good choice when looking for new windows for your home.
If you are considering replacing your windows, and are trying to decide between vinyl and fiberglass please give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss the two products with you!