“What if we took down this wall…?” What You Need to Know

Spring is (almost) here. Fresh air and bright, open spaces are a welcome change after the long winter. And that one wall between the kitchen and dining room is the only thing keeping your home from having the feel you want. But before you grab the sledgehammer, take a few minutes to make sure you know what to expect when taking down a wall in your home.

Do Your Homework

Taking down a wall can be simple or complex depending on the wall (loadbearing or not) and what it houses (electrical, heating, plumbing, etc.). All of these things are movable or can be addressed, but doing so will impact your budget and timeline. Bring in a contractor, builder or structural engineer to help you assess your wall and what you will need to take it down. This preliminary step may require you to remove a section of the wall to get a closer look.

Develop a Plan

Once your homework is complete, put together your plan and budget. This includes everything from moving wiring, to inserting beams to repairing floors or ceilings. Based on the scale of the project, you may also need to get a building permit. You also should check the age of your home to determine if there is lead paint or asbestos that needs to be properly addressed.

Design Your New Space

Now that your wall is down, the flow and feel of your space is different. The new space may allow for new features, such as an island or desk area. You may need to explore storage solutions, such as shelving or built-in cabinets, to replace storage areas that were lost with the wall removal.
Consider working with a designer to help unify the new space, achieve your vision or troubleshoot issues. Skilled designers can bring ideas and options you may not have considered.

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Photo credits: LiveLoveDIY