What It Takes To Complete A Remodel

I have been slacking on my weekly blog duties…however, for the sake of the projects we are currently working on. Before I took a hiatus on writing, I was focusing my blog on design packages, budgets for a kitchen remodel, and remodeling budgets.
In the past weeks, a lot has been happening at Excel Builders. We signed a few contracts, one for a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, and a whole home remodel. So, I would like to write about the process behind the scenes, what it takes to complete a remodel. To get to this point I need provide you with a little back story.

To complete a remodel, it requires a lot of work behind the scenes. Which encompasses many different avenues, including: finalizing the scope of work, shopping for selections, ordering materials, mapping out the lead times, deliveries, schedules, inspections, and so on.

This list does not change from remodel to remodel. It is the same for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, basement remodel, or even a whole house remodel. The same list does not change from a 10k project to a 300k project.

It takes a lot of people, time and effort to complete this work. In this industry, time is money. As we talk to potential clients, and these potential clients turn into actual clients they understand that they are hiring a full-service MN remodeling company.
In my opinion, a full-service remodeling company does not cost more, they anticipate what the cost are going to be up front. For example, project preparation, keeping your home clean, not only on the first day, throughout the remodel. Meeting with applicable trades personal to finalize layout, selections, etc., getting approval from you, and then passing this information on to needed personal.
As a Minnesota design and build firm, we focus on full service.  This means you do not have to worry about the little items needed to complete your remodel! Give Excel Builders a call when you are ready to start your project. 612.524.5804