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What’s Your Bathtub of Choice? | Bathroom Remodeler, Chanhassen MN

Today's trends for bathtubs often favor freestanding models -- the luxurious, dramatic and distinctive bathtub. And though they are increasing in popularity, freestanding tubs aren't for everyone. Built-ins afford practical advantages that may outweigh the design flair of freestanding styles, depending on your taste and budget. Take a look at today's bathtub options to see what's best for you and your bath.

BathroomsFreestanding Tubs

  • Styles include claw-foot, pedestal and soaking tubs.
  • Don't require wall space for installation or plumbing.
  • Availability of styles is increasing as manufacturers offer more options.
  • Typically intended for use in larger bathrooms, though compact-footprint soaking tubs can work in smaller bathroom settings.
  • Heavier tubs may require reinforced flooring.
  • Don't forget to plan for bath-side storage---you'll need somewhere to set your soap and candles as you soak!


 601D6914Built-in Tubs

  • Considered more practical.
  • Typically less expensive.
  • Straightforward plumbing makes for easier installation.
  • Designed to work in tandem with a shower, unlike most freestanding bathtubs.
  • Ledges make for easy storage for soap, shampoo, candles and all the rest.

Bathtubs are a lovely way to bring out the spa in your bathroom. Whether you choose to add drama with a luxurious freestanding tub or opt for the practicality of a traditional built-in, the options available today are an exciting mix of old and new.

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