When Should I Get A Designer Involved in My Project? (Part Three Of A Three Part Series)

You’ve been dragging your feet – do I really need help from a designer?  Or, can I handle this myself?  Is it too late to call a designer?  My project is already underway!
Ideally, a designer should come in on your project from the start – offering you the best possible solutions for your space and all of the components that will go into it.  However, this is often not the case and it’s never too late!
Space Planning – Your room has more possibilities than you think
The layout and function of a room have so many possibilities.  Before you start your remodeling project, you should carefully review all of your options to make certain you get the room that best fits your needs and the needs of your family.  Your designer is a great resource to create and review all of your room layout options.  Using a designer at this stage of the remodeling project can really be a time and money saver.
Material Selection – a lot of items go into even the smallest of projects…
How many options can there possibly be? You’ve made a few selections and feel like everything is under control with your project. Then one day, everyone wants answers!  The project won’t remain on schedule unless you make them and you feel like your project is spinning out of control! Don’t worry, it will be fine – you just need some assistance!  It’s a designer’s job to help you sift through and make the best decisions in a timely manner.
As an example, here are just a few of the many decisions you will need to make when planning a kitchen remodel:
Your designer can really help to keep your project on schedule by making sure the necessary decisions are made ahead of time and can communicate these decisions to your remodeling team. This helps to eliminate any “last minute” decisions that you make in haste just to keep the project moving. This also helps to eliminate any “downtime” in the remodeling project because they are waiting for a decision.