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When Should You Hire A Design-Build Company or an Architect?

remodeling contractor looking at his design build for a new home projectExcel Builders is a design-build firm located in Chaska, MN.  We focus our attention on the design-build process to give our clients quality design, superior craftsmanship, and home remodeling projects that are implemented with the highest care.

In this next series of blogs, we will be discussing design, and the difference between hiring a design-build company versus hiring a stand-alone architect.

Below we will give you a breakdown of what you can expect when working with a design-build company versus an architect

Q. What is the difference between working with a design-build company and an architect?



    • At Excel Builders we have an in house interior designer, and design staff.


    • As a design-build firm, Excel Builders is involved from start to finish on every project, this adds an extra layer of efficiency.


    • You have access to the entire team. This means the interior designer, supervising contractor, project manager, office staff, and many more are working on your design.
    • You will receive a detailed estimate that highlights the cost of the associated remodel along with the proposed design.


    • We share a common goal with our clients to complete a design within their budget.

Cost savings

    • Our practical approach to the design leads to savings.  Since the designer and builder are working together we tend to design with construction cost in mind
    • No disputes between the designer and builder over design interpretations.
    • No disputes between the designer and builder over the right way to build.


    • You can be assured that a design-build company will hold itself accountable from beginning to end. There is more attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase when the group that designs the project, builds the project.



  • An architect will complete the design the and provide the needed construction documents.
  • Verify what services the architect will be providing.  In some cases, you will need to hire an interior designer to make final selections for your project outside what the architect will be providing.


  • Budget is at the mercy of the companies the architect is choosing to send the design out to for bidding.

Cost Savings

  • Costs savings are more difficult to come by, if the architect and builder are on two separate teams.


  • Disputes between the architect and contractor are not uncommon when it comes to design interpretations and over the right way to build.

As always, there are times when a design-build company is a better fit for a remodel and times when an Architect is a better fit.  Do your homework before hiring either a design-build company or an architect.

If you’re ready to begin your remodeling project journey, give us a call.  Our design-build services range from kitchens, bathrooms, basement finishing, whole home remodels, to additions and exteriors.



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