Why Do I Need to Start with Design?

We are often asked why being a design-build firm is so important. Many homeowners know exactly what they want and just want to jump straight into the build part of the process. This is always a bad idea. We have a very extensive design process . Our designers spend hours with our clients listening to their ideas and creating rough sketches of how we can make their plans a reality. Once rough drawings are completed, we will then discuss the final details of the remodel. It is only once all of the minutiae details are finalized, we will begin on the build part of the process. There are good reasons why we spend so much time in the design part of the process.

Your Designs May Not be Feasible

Often homeowners have great ideas of how they want to redesign their homes. We love listening to your ideas and working with you to remodel your home. However, contractors also need to work within the constraints of your home’s engineering and construction. For example, sometimes a homeowner will want to tear down a load-bearing wall. Making a mistake such as that could have serious repercussions. A designer can look at your home’s original blueprints and make recommendations that achieve your visions, but are still possible within the constraints of your home’s construction.

You Should Be SURE of What You Want

A home remodeling project is not just some temporary change. It is a commitment and an investment. With any huge commitment, you need to spend some time to understand if it is really what you want. If you are not satisfied with the final results of the work, there isn’t some “easy fix” to change it back to its original state. For a remodel, you need to have the design details laid out clearly and you need to have a complete visual of what you want. You want to be completely pleased with your home at the end of your remodel and the only way to do this is to create comprehensive design plans.

Your Home Should Be Built Around You

Remodeling contractors that go straight into the building process usually use “cookie cutter” designs instead of a completely custom design for each of their clients. A design-build company will start with their clients needs and lifestyle. A designer wants to get a complete vision of that their client wants and they can make it a reality. They can also get a fuller idea of the lifestyle of their client and their family and suggest ideas that enhance their personality and meet their needs.
You should be comfortable with your designer and you always need to be sure that you are on the same page when it comes to your design. Your designer should be in constant communication with you and you should make sure that you have a complete visual of that your home will look like before you begin a home remodeling project.