Why Is Vinyl Siding So Popular?

Vinyl siding has increased significantly in popularity in the past decade.  What is with the buzz?  There are many reasons to choose vinyl siding.  Here are three of our favorite factors:
Low Maintenance & Durable: Vinyl siding requires little maintenance and offers long-lasting durability.  It holds up well in a wide variety of temperatures and climates.  Vinyl does not lend itself to termite infestations, rot, rust, dents, or moisture buildup.   If damage were to occur, it can be easily repaired with a replacement tile.  Unlike painted siding options, the color of vinyl siding goes clear through the panel, preventing it from splitting, flaking or peeling.  The only preventative maintenance that vinyl siding requires is a thorough seasonal hose washing.
Variety: Vinyl offers a wide variety of colors and styles.  Each manufacturer offers a different range of color selections from neutral to dramatic shades.  Profile options are also available, offering a selection of aesthetic options.  Whether you prefer the look of cedar shakes, clapboard, or vertical siding, a profile option is available.  Styles range from straight edge to staggered, perfection edge to rough split, or rounded.
Economical: Vinyl siding can offer homeowners a budget friendly project option.  That said, vinyl cost does range in proportion to quality.  Both low-grade and premium vinyl products are available in a variety of budgets.
That said, vinyl is not for everyone.  Regardless of what siding option you choose, it is going to be a decision that you have to live with for a while.  With that in mind, it is important that you can appreciate the look of vinyl on your home.  If it is simply not for you, check out our past posts on siding materials to find the one that is right for your home.
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