Why the Design-Build Process is so Important | Chanhassen Remodeler

A remodel is not returnable. 

Unlike a car — which you can trade in as soon as you’re ready for a change — a remodel is a long-term investment in your home.

What if you could have less stress, control costs, and ensure you end up with a remodel you want to keep?
Working with a design-build firm to handle your remodel is the all-inclusive solution more and more homeowners are seeking. Instead of hiring an architect and a contractor separately, you can hire a design-build firm to cover your entire project, from the initial design through final construction.
The design-build process is designed to make your remodel a success. Design-build means that from the start of your project both your design and contracting work come from the same team so that everyone is fully prepared to make your remodel a winning investment in your home. This is the time when your expectations can be clearly communicated, as well as allowing your designer/contractor team to clarify the process, price, and end goals.
Why does design-build work so well?
Design-build means thoughtful, thorough, and careful planning for your project, typically increasing the cost of a remodel by just 5%. If you’re going to remodel, do it right! Design-build allows you the benefit of remodeling a room or adding space with the confidence that you’ll enjoy your investment for years to come!
For more on the design-build process, check out this interview with the owner of Excel Builders.
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