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Wood Wall Paneling Makes A Contemporary Comeback!

We all know it’s true that popular styles of the past tend to find their way back on top again.  Some may be surprised however that wood paneling, circa 1960s, is one of those decorating trends making its contemporary comeback!  Dining Area with Wood Wall Paneling

Whatever your [mixed] feelings about wood paneling (dark? dated? groovy?) it’s picking up steam again and is all the rage in homes both modern and traditional alike.

Of course, like most “vintage” trends, this one has taken on a couple of modern twists:
1.  The colors tend to be lighter  – unlike the deep browns with black oak patterns of the past, lighter tints are leading the trends.  Whether it’s a pale or honey toned wood, or an all white look, the current wood paneling trends are bright and monochromatic.
2.  It comes in different shapes and colors!  Modern takes go beyond the tongue and groove strip to include rectangle wood panels, unique cuts and shapes, and even bright colors.

Should you jump on board?  Here are a few reasons to consider wood paneling for your home’s interior:

  • It provides texture and depth for a room.  Whether you're going for traditional or ultra modern, the room can benefit from this subtle striped element on the walls.
  • It can be a good fit for covering old walls with outdated finishes!  Depending on the style, wood paneling is relatively easy to install, making it a simple solution for cracked or textured walls you want to cover.
  • Thin, vertical paneling can add height to your room.  Elongate your entryway!  Bring height to that mudroom.  Draw attention to unique ceiling details.
  • It can provide an earthy, natural element that adds warmth and coziness.  Lighter wood tones are inviting and provide a cottage-like feel.  Even whitewashed wood gives off an ethereal feel that makes one feel like the outdoors is just a step away.
  • Wood paneling can help define a space and give it architectural punch.  Combine wide horizontal tongue and groove paneling with angled ceiling panels and you have an architecturally rich room anyone will appreciate!

Need more convincing?  Peak at 30 different wood wall panel ideas here, or check out the beauty of tongue and groove used in contemporary homes here and here!

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