Bathroom Remodeling Services in Edina, MN

Do you require bathroom remodeling services for your home in Edina?

A beautifully decorated bathroom is the perfect place to get ready to face the day. To get the most out of the bathroom in your home in Edina, you want it to be both practical and stylish. That’s where the bathroom renovation experts at Excel Builders come in!

First-Class Bathroom Remodeling Experts

The experienced team at Excel Builders is here to help you realize your dream bathroom. To help figure out exactly what you want, we’ll arrange a phone consultation with you. Our design consultants will then visit your property in Edina to have a face-to-face discussion and take vital measurements.


The next step is an in-person meeting with our accomplished design consultants. We’ll help you choose the right tiles, colors and units for the new bathroom in your house in Edina. You can give your input at any stage of the design process and we’ll make any alterations that you request. Our accomplished bathroom team can also propose layout changes to make your new bathroom as practical as possible.

When the final design has been agreed on, we’ll draft a project proposal with an itemized budget and an expected completion date. Our remodeling experts can then visit your home in Edina to build your dream bathroom.

Edina’s Leading Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bring in the team at Excel Builders to turn your old bathroom into a stylish, practical sanctuary. For the best bathroom remodeling services in the Edina area, contact Excel Builders today!





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