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Design Packages and Your Remodeling Budget

Design Packages Every type of remodeling project needs a budget. Determining a budget for your project is not as easy as one would think. First you need to separate your needs and wants for your remodel. For example, you may need a bigger shower for your master bathroom. However, you may also want a master...
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Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

What is the breakdown in cost for a kitchen remodel? Before getting to the breakdown of cost, let’s talk about establishing a budget. Having a budget for your kitchen remodel is the first step in the remodeling process. As always, there are a few different ways to determine your budget. Perhaps, you could invest a...
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Planning For Your Remodeling Budget

How to plan for an accurate remodeling budget. In our past blogs, we have discussed moving or staying. In this blog, lets touch on the budget requirements for your remodel. All projects require a budget, and the size and type of remodel will require different budgets to complete. In all remodeling projects, there are indirect...
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To Move Or Not To Move?

Is it Time to Move or Remodel? This week we signed two remodeling contracts. One was for a basement remodel, and the other was for a kitchen remodel. Next week we a starting another basement remodel which includes adding a bathroom. Why does this matter? Well the last 2 out of the 3 remodels, the...
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MN Kitchen Remodel Details

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel for your MN home? In this week’s blog, I would like to point out some differences in a couple of our past kitchen projects we completed. Focusing on what can be done by staying within an existing space and what can be done by expanding your space. For...
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Exploratory Remodel Design Phase

In our last series of blogs, we discussed the importance of a productive, and well-planned consultation. This week, I would like to introduce an option in place of a design retainer… that I am going to call “exploratory design”. Exploratory design, was presented to me by a potential client that I met for an in-home...
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Importance Of An In-Home Remodel Consultation

Why is an In-Home Consultation Important? In the last of couple of weeks, we have discussed the importance of a phone consultation and having goals for the in-home consultation. This week we are going to discuss two in-home consultations we had last week and why they were very productive. The first consultation we had was...
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Goals For A Remodeling Consultation

What are your goals for a remodeling consultation, and what should they be? Last week in our blog, we discussed the importance of having a phone consultation before an in-home consultation. This week let’s tackle having goals set for your in-home consultation. Now, I am sure you are thinking well that is simple… I want...
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Initial Remodeling Phone Consultation

Why a phone consultation is needed before an in-home consultation? Earlier this week, we met with a couple for a kitchen remodel. At this consultation, we reviewed the space and talked about their goals for the remodel. Then it came time to talk about the budget. The potential client’s idea of budget for the remodel...
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Scope Of Work And Your Remodeling Budget

How does scope of work affect your remodeling budget? When planning a remodel, whether a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, finishing a basement, or even completing an addition, the process for pricing is the same. All remodeling projects should start with the scope of work. In this blog, I am going to reference past projects to...
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