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What is a Design-Build Company?

Have a home construction project coming up? Regardless of the project, finding a company that fits the needs of your remodel is essential. While you could hire different companies to carry out the design, bid, and build process, there is an easier way; working with a design-build company. What is a Design-Build Company? As the...
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How Much Does Basement Finishing Cost?

We’ve worked on a lot of great projects at Excel Builders over the years. While each one is rewarding in its own way, there’s just something special about taking a space like an unfinished basement and turning it into an extension of a client’s home. When it comes to basements, one of the most common...
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Start Planning Your Custom Kitchen Remodel Now

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen but aren’t quite sure where to start? You’re not alone! There’s a lot to consider when planning a custom kitchen remodel.  While every project is different, much of the prep work tends to be the same. Some important steps to the planning process include determining a budget and gathering design...
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How to Design Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most significant financial investments will be your cabinets. Working with a qualified and experienced interior designer will help ensure that financial investment pays off. A skilled interior designer will be able to walk you through the process of designing custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel. This article will...
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