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Completed Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel

This Minneapolis MN home was built in 1942. Our clients were in desperate need for more space and a better functioning kitchen. We accomplished this by opening the kitchen to the dining room and bringing the laundry room up from the basement to the main floor. Oh, and we added a new deck, with a...
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Next Steps For Your MN Home Addition (Cont.)

In last week’s addition blog, we talked about completing a MN home addition. Today we are going to continue discussing the next steps of the same addition. Let’s start with waterproofing and insulation.               Before the addition can be backfilled the foundation needs to be waterproofed and insulated with R-10...
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Are you thinking about an addition?

Adding onto to your home is a great way to get more space for the kitchen, bathroom, or a great family room. Here is what you need to begin adding onto your home. • Find a reputable company to design, build and manage your project o This you can complete yourself. It will be time...
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Minneapolis Main Floor Bathroom Remodel

Well, whoever said you can’t have a beautiful, updated bathroom in a tiny space? Not us! We just completed a remodel of a main floor bathroom, located in Northeast Minneapolis, and it is fabulous! Our client wanted to update their bathroom with a complete renovation while staying in the existing footprint of the original bathroom....
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Victoria Basement Finish

We recently completed a basement in a home built in 2013, located in Victoria, Minnesota. Our clients wanted to finish their basement to provide more space for the family to enjoy time together and to entertain quests. We divided the large unfinished space into a bedroom, bathroom, family room, wine bar and game area. From...
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The Importance of the Scope of Work

I am always asked, “What will my Kitchen Remodel Cost?” … In a nut shell, I don’t know without a design and the scope of work, and the most important element is the scope of work. In my terms, the scope of work is the space that is to be worked on, with the detailed...
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What to Budget for your next Remodel

Well here are a few items to consider before you begin your journey. Whether you are planning on a DIY project or hiring a remodeling a company, knowing and understanding your project needs is important. Most project budgets can be broken down into about four categories; project prep, labor, materials, and allowance items. Remodeling Project...
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Kitchen Remodel Electrical Code Requirements

What are your electrical code requirements for a MN kitchen remodel? Let’s talk about building codes. More specifically, electrical building codes. As a builder, I reference the IRC for code questions. Your electrician will reference NEC, they both get the job done. The International Residential Code (IRC), and the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC) are...
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Details Of Removing A Load Bearing Wall

In our last two blogs, we talked about the process in preparing to remove a load bearing wall and a non-load bearing wall. In continuing our discussion of removing a load bearing wall, we are going to get into the specifics of removing a load bearing wall. We will be discussing, framing temp walls, installing...
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