What to Do Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

What to Do Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to remodeling your Minnesota home, proper planning is essential. While it might be tempting to jump right in and start looking for a home remodeling contractor, taking time to plan on your end will set your project up for success.

Keep reading to learn about the five things you should do before hiring a home remodeling contractor!

Determine Your Remodeling Budget

One of the most important parts of any remodel is having — and sticking to — a budget. Your remodeling budget guides a lot of the decisions you’ll make throughout the renovation process, including where to save or splurge. But you have to make it realistic.

Before hiring a contractor, do some research on the average costs associated with the type of remodel you hope to complete. If there are certain products or materials you know you want, see how they fit into your budget. Your budget should also include funds for any unexpected costs and incidentals, such as eating out during a kitchen renovation.

Define Your Project Goals

A successful remodel is about more than making your home look pretty! Ideally, it will improve the flow, function, and value of your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to clearly define your goals and what you hope to achieve. Part of that process is determining what your needs and wants are for the project.

  • What are the can’t-live-without features that will make your remodeling project successful? (Needs)
  • What features aren’t necessary but would be icing on the cake? (Wants)

Understanding why you want to remodel will help you clearly communicate your project goals when hiring a home remodeling contractor.

Research the Remodeling Process

HGTV and home remodeling shows give homeowners unrealistic expectations about home remodeling. They tend to gloss over the important details, including the time and amount of work that goes into a renovation. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration and disappointment by getting acquainted with the remodeling process before hiring a home remodeling contractor. Doing some research will help you know what to expect in terms of budgeting, design planning, and project timelines.

Check out our FAQs article for insight into the typical remodeling process.

Consult Your Calendar

As you start planning your remodeling project, consider any big holidays or events you have coming up. Major renovations can take months to complete — and that’s without unforeseen delays. Nobody wants their home to be a disaster zone when an important event rolls around.

Pull out your calendar and work backward from your target completion date, and be sure to include a few extra weeks of wiggle room in your planning. When you meet with remodeling contractors, be upfront about your plans. If the timeline doesn’t fit their schedule or seems a little tight, you may want to wait to start the remodel.

Consider Your Storage Options

Preparing for a remodel means clearing out furniture and other items from the spaces where the renovation will occur. But before that can happen, you have to figure out the best place to temporarily house your belongings.

Do you have space in the garage or another room of your home? Could a friend or family member spare some storage space? Will you need to rent a storage unit? If it’s the latter, be sure to plan accordingly! That doesn’t just mean packing up and moving items before the project starts. It also means working the storage and moving costs into your remodeling budget.

Greater Chanhassen’s Leading Remodeling Contractor

Taking the time to prep will make hiring a remodeling contractor that much easier. When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, Excel Builders is here to help. We offer premium design-build services and can design and execute remodeling projects of all types, including kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and basement finishing. We even offer custom cabinetry, millwork, and furniture through our in-house custom cabinet shop!

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