6 Tips for Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams


Dreaming of remodeling your kitchen soon? Planning a kitchen remodel can be fun and exciting, but it also takes a lot of thought and consideration, particularly when it comes to designing your kitchen. The good news? Excel Builders can help! Over the years, we’ve helped countless homeowners create their dream kitchen — and we can help you too. Get our six best tips for designing the kitchen of your dreams below!

1. Establish Your Needs & Wants

First things first: you need to determine your needs vs. wants. What’s the difference between the two? It’s as simple as it sounds. Your needs are non-negotiable. They’re the elements that are 100% necessary to make your remodeled kitchen as beautiful and functional as possible. On the other hand, your wants are the elements that would be nice to have but aren’t critical to the project. Think of them as bonus items, such as a built-in pet food station or two kitchen islands.

2. Understand Your Project Goals

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to remodel their kitchen. While improving the aesthetic appeal is a major advantage, most homeowners also want to improve their kitchen’s flow and function. To achieve that goal, you have to understand the pain points and problem areas in your kitchen. Chances are, you already have a pretty good idea of what those issues are. That said, a kitchen remodeling questionnaire can help identify the improvements and features that will ensure your kitchen design performs its best.


3. Consider Your Existing Footprint

Completely tearing out and reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen can seem daunting, which is why many homeowners choose to work within the existing footprint. However, there are often opportunities to be flexible with your kitchen layout. This is especially true if there’s additional work that needs to be done. For example, moving windows rather than simply replacing them makes it easier to change up the cabinet layout and improve your kitchen’s work and traffic flow.

4. Set a Realistic Budget

A budget is essential for any remodeling project. I’m not just talking about deciding on a number and calling it good, either. Setting a realistic budget requires some thought about how each phase of the project fits into your budget. Being as detailed as possible will make it easier to decide where you feel comfortable saving vs. splurging. For example, you may be willing to spend less on countertops in favor of a bigger line item for new appliances. Your list of needs and wants will come in handy here!

5. Gather Kitchen Design Inspiration

Now for everyone’s favorite part of designing a kitchen remodel: collecting design inspiration. Pinterest and Houzz are excellent resources for gathering kitchen design ideas. As you browse, pay attention to the types of features, colors, and accents you tend to gravitate toward. Having an idea of what you do and do not like will make the kitchen design process that much easier.

6. Hire a Designer

You can search Pinterest and Google for kitchen design inspiration photos to your heart’s content, but let’s be real, pinning and doing are two totally different things. You only get one chance to complete your kitchen remodel correctly. Unlike buying a home, you don’t get to see, touch, and feel the end product until the remodel is complete. That can make nailing the kitchen design a real challenge.

So, how do you ensure your newly remodeled kitchen not only comes out exactly as you envisioned but also compliments the rest of your home? Working with a professional designer! Or, better yet, working with a design-build company like Excel Builders. Doing so allows you to see your products and design and work collaboratively with the team throughout the entire project.


Experienced Kitchen Designer in Minneapolis, MN & Nearby

When it comes to creating a home you love, you can count on the experienced, reliable design-build team at Excel Builders. With a highly-skilled kitchen designer on our team roster and an in-house custom cabinet shop, we can design and execute a kitchen remodel that suits your every need.

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