What Steps do you Take when Completing a Kitchen Remodel?

After the design for your remodel is completed it’s now time to start on the remodeling work. The order of the steps you take to complete a kitchen remodel can also be used to complete a bathroom remodel.



As with all phases of your remodel, it’s best to start with a scope of work. List out what you need to remove from your kitchen.
I like to start with disconnecting the sink, faucet, dishwasher, and fridge water line from incoming water and drain lines.
Always make sure to check that your water shutoffs are not leaking. In most cases I add a compression cap to the shutoff valves to prevent small leaks.
After the plumbing is complete, next is electrical items, and then any gas items. For electrical items I take the time to shut the power off at the electrical panel, then double check that all items are disconnected from their power sources prior to disconnecting.

Based on the extent of your kitchen remodel, what you demo from here will vary. In most cases for our remodels we remove the following items:


After demolition is completed, framing is next. Framing will be needed if you are moving a door, or window. In some cases, framing may not be needed.

Mechanical Rough-Ins:

Mechanical Rough-Ins include, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical.
Now is the time to complete your required inspections for framing and mechanical work.
The next steps will also vary regarding the amount of the items listed below, if any, based on your remodel.

The steps when completing your kitchen remodel can vary, and the scope of work will be determined by the extent of your remodel. Invest your time and prepare a detailed scope of work for each phase of the remodel. This will help prevent costly mistakes and frustrating delays. The steps taken for a kitchen remodel can also be used as a guide for a bathroom remodel, or a basement finish.

In conclusion, completing a remodel is rewarding, and knowing the process can be beneficial, whether you are hiring a professional or completing your remodel yourself.

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