Where Should You Start When Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Once you make the decision to remodel your kitchen, you may be asking yourself, where should you start? Finding the correct answer to this question can be daunting.
Most people think, or have read on the trusty internet, that you should start with demolition. However, demolition is not the first step. Design is the most important phase of your kitchen remodel.
When working with a designer, you should have a list of your needs and wants, in the order of their priority to you. What are your goals for the remodel?
Those goals may include removing a wall to open the kitchen up, having additional kitchen storage, or creating a better layout to gain additional prep space.
Goals are important! Be careful, and set realistic expectations of what you can expect based on your budget.

The biggest asset your designer will provide is knowledge. Completing a design that will function well and looks great is not as easy as it looks. It takes an experienced designer to provide a great design that challenges your thoughts, visions, and is able to wow you.

After the design is complete you have a couple of options:
In the end, having a professional to help design your kitchen remodel and then complete the remodel may be the best choice that you can make! Choosing a Design and Build company to work with will help ensure that you are happy and have a positive experience with your remodel.
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