HGTV vs. Reality: What the Home Remodeling Process is Really Like

What HGTV gets wrong about the home remodeling process

Are HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, and Love It or List It your guilty pleasure? While these home remodeling shows are certainly fun to watch, they often give homeowners unrealistic expectations of what it’s really like to remodel a home. In other words, even the most popular HGTV shows tend to gloss over a lot of the nitty-gritty details that go into a home remodeling project. So, it’s time to set the record straight. Keep reading to discover what HGTV gets wrong about the home remodeling process!

Unrealistic Budgets

Setting a realistic budget is crucial. It guides many of the decisions made during the home remodeling process and can determine the areas where you choose to save or splurge. Unfortunately, the home remodeling costs shown on HGTV and other networks aren’t always accurate. Networks often have access to discounted products or may even chip in on materials or labor to move a project along. The problem? Those discounts and other allowances typically aren’t revealed to the viewer. This leads to misunderstanding about what a renovation truly costs.

Design is a Small Piece

Most home remodeling shows are condensed down into bite-size chunks to fit a 30 or 60-minute time slot. So, it may appear as if the planning process happens pretty quickly. In reality, planning is one of the most important elements, especially when it comes to nailing down the design. It can also seem as if the design concept is completed with very little input from the homeowner. However, the design process is typically a collaborative endeavor that undergoes multiple rounds of review. At the end of the day, the goal is to create the best design for the space while incorporating the homeowner’s needs and wants.

HGTV vs. Reality: What the Home Remodeling Process is Really Like

Quick & Easy Demolition

Although HGTV makes demolition look easy — and even a little fun — the truth is that demoing a space is hard and time-consuming work. Many things can happen during the demolition phase, including finding unexpected damage or learning a wall you initially planned to tear out is load-bearing. When that happens, it can change the design plan and even put a project over budget.

Unrealistic Construction Deadlines

Quick turnaround times are another unrealistic expectation HGTV home remodeling shows set. Unlike these shows, which have contractors and teams of people working around the clock, completing a large-scale home remodeling project in just a few days is rarely feasible. The construction timeline is influenced by the size and scope of the project and contractor schedules. An array of other factors, such as material shortages, shipping delays, or permit approvals can also impact the expected completion date.

Staged Reveals

Many people go into the home remodeling process thinking their remodeled space will look exactly like the staged reveal on their favorite episode of Fixer Upper. But, while remodeling is a large part of the equation, there’s more to it. The remodel sets the foundation for your home, but it’s the furniture, decor, and other decorative elements that complete the design. Unless you work with an interior designer, how you fill the space is entirely up to you.

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