What Makes Our Design Process Different From Other Home Remodeling Companies?

The Design-Build Advantage: A Better Interior Design Process

Design and proper planning are essential to any home remodeling project. However, the process — and its included benefits — vary from one company to the next. As a design-build company, Excel Builders places a significant value on design. We know that it impacts every phase of the project, from your budget to construction and finishing touches. That’s why we spend more time in the design process than typical home remodeling contractors.

Learn more about what makes our design services unique below!

One-On-One Design Help

At Excel Builders, interior design services are built into our remodeling process. Whether remodeling a kitchen or finishing an entire basement, all of our clients work one-on-one with our interior designer, Christine. There are several advantages to this. For one, you’re never passed off to a design assistant. Second, it gives you peace of mind that someone knows your project inside and out, including your budget, style preferences, and project goals.

Design Renderings for Every Project

Remodeling can be costly. The last thing anyone wants is to sink thousands of dollars into a remodel only to be unhappy with the outcome. Yet, it can be really hard to visualize how your completed project will look. Unlike when you purchase a previously lived-in home or even a new car, there isn’t anything tangible you can see beforehand. You just have to trust the process — which isn’t always easy.

This concept is one of the reasons we believe the design process is so important. Our goal is to ensure your completed remodel is exactly as you dreamed it would be. So, we spend more time on the design than other companies to ensure we get it right. But how do we ensure your vision lines up with ours? With life-like renderings of your remodeled space.

We take your goals, ideas, and preferences and create a design concept that gives you a snapshot of what your project will look like. Unfortunately, not many home remodeling companies offer renderings as part of their process. However, Excel Builders understands the value design renderings bring to the table.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Giving the client a preview of what the remodel will look like
  • Ensuring the client and the design-build team are on the same page
  • Reducing delays from last-minute changes to the design
  • Providing an opportunity to address issues or design flaws before the project begins
  • Eliminating unnecessary home remodeling mistakes

Below are some examples of design renderings we’ve completed for past projects.

Design Concept for MN Kitchen Renovation

Design Rendering for Kitchen Remodeling Project

Basement Remodel Rendering

The next example shows how our design rendering compares to a completed basement finishing project.

Design Rendering of a Basement Remodel by Excel Builders

Communication & Collaboration

The great thing about working with a design-build company like Excel Builders is that the major players on your remodeling team are all part of one company. That means better communication and collaboration throughout the project. Once you’ve reviewed the project renderings and signed off on the design concept, our interior designer works closely with the rest of our team to bring it to life. The result? One team with a unified vision.

The relationship between our designer and craftsmen also helps the project run smoother. If there are questions or concerns, both parties have a direct line of communication. This also makes it easier if you decide to make any changes to the design after the project has begun.

Experienced Design-Build Company Serving Greater Chanhassen, MN

Excel Builders is the Minneapolis area’s trusted design-build company. With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to helping our clients stretch their budgets further and protect their investment with comprehensive design-build services. We can even design and build custom cabinets, millwork, and furniture for your project through our in-house custom cabinet shop!

Call us at (612) 306-4064 or reach out to trent@excelbuildersmn.com to get started with your home remodeling project! Excel Builders proudly serves homeowners throughout Greater Chanhassen and the Twin Cities West Metro, including Minneapolis, Plymouth, Edina, Carver, Chaska, Excelsior, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Shorewood, and nearby Minnesota cities.