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Best Main Floor Home Remodeling Ideas in Chaska, MN

Are you looking for the best way to remodel the main floor of your home in Chaska?

Remodeling the main floor of your home is one of the most effective ways to elevate your living space so you can enjoy a more beautiful and functional home. With the expertise of our professional home remodelers, you can find the right design ideas to improve your home in Chaska.


Stunning Main Floor Remodeling Ideas

Excel Builders’ passionate team of contractors is ready to help you with renovation ideas and remodeling services to upgrade your home in Chaska to its be more stunning than ever before. We can take down walls for you to make way for a modern open-concept living space, and we can also revolutionize your kitchen, living room, and more.

Some of the best ideas for main floor remodeling include:

  • Living Room – From upgrading your front entry door to adding an accent wall to switching up your lighting to resurfacing your fireplace, the possibilities are endless when it comes to renovating your living room to suit your needs better. 
  • Open Concept Design – By removing non-load-bearing walls in your main living space, you can enjoy a modern layout with separate rooms joined together. Your kitchen, living room, and dining space can be revolutionized with an open concept design. 
  • Mudroom – A renovated mudroom can allow a more peaceful balance between the indoors and outdoors of your property. With custom cabinetry, coat racks, seating, and other options, you may consider upgrading your mudroom to keep your home more organized and functional.
  • Dining Room – The dining room is a special place where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with family and friends. You may consider adding built-in cabinets or hutches, refinishing or replacing old flooring, and replacing outdated light fixtures to enjoy your dining space like never before.

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With our help, everything from your mudroom to your dining room can be transformed into the ideal living space for you and your family. Connect with Excel Builders today if you want the best main floor remodeling ideas for your home in the Chaska area!





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