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Kitchen Remodeling in Minnetonka, MN

Are you seeking kitchen remodeling services in Minnetonka?

The ultimate kitchen should feature a perfect balance between design and functionality. If you’d like to remodel the kitchen of your home in Minnetonka so that it is both beautifully aesthetic and easily usable, Excel Builders can help you out!

Top-Tier Kitchen Remodeling Services

Excel Builders begins our kitchen remodeling process with an over-the-phone consultation where you can tell us everything you want out of your kitchen remodel. Our design team will follow up with an in-person consultation at your home in Minnetonka, where we’ll be able to get an up-close look at the kitchen and determine how best to use the space available.


As we enter our design phase, we’ll work with you to select the style that will really make your kitchen shine. We’ll take lots of pictures of your kitchen to use as the basis for our as-built plan for the remodel. After our experts have completed a design concept, we’ll show it to you along with various visual aids. If you see anything you’re not sure about, our designers will gladly make revisions for you.

Once you’re happy with our design, you can work with our team to choose the materials you want used for your cabinets, counters and floors, and we’ll give you a budget for each stage of the kitchen remodel. Sign the contract and our experienced remodelers will create the best kitchen you can imagine in your Minnetonka homa!

Minnetonka’s Most Reliable Kitchen Remodelers

If you want to have your kitchen remodeled, leave it to the design team that’s the best in the business. Get in contact with Excel Builders today for the greatest kitchen remodeling services in the Minnetonka area!





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