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Designing and Building Your Own Space

We believe that your home should accommodate to your family, not the other way around. We do everything that we can to create unique spaces that suit your family’s lifestyle. We go through an entire process to ensure that your home is everything that you dreamed that it would be.

Our Design + Build Process

Initial Meeting

We will meet with you for an in-home consultation. We will discuss your goals, preferences, budget, timeline and more to get a full understanding of your remodeling project. Let us know a little bit more about your family and how your home can be customized for you.

Conceptual Drawings

During the second part of this process, we will take full measurements of your space and use them to draft an initial conceptual drawing that will provide a general layout of your remodel. We will provide you with a basic proposal at this time, which become more accurate with each step of the process.

Detailed Drawings

Once you have approved the conceptual drawings, we will move on to design the details, including dimensions, light fixtures, elevations and more. We can then provide you with an updated proposal that includes quantities for lights, tile, etc.

Product Selection

After you have approved the detailed drawings, we go on to the fourth and final phase of the design process, which includes choosing your products, ranging from flooring and cabinets to fixtures and appliances.


Once you have approved the final proposal, our construction and installation team will begin the work according to our designer's plans and the timeline that you have laid out.

Our Team

If you’re looking for an architect and interior designer to create your dream design, turn to our team at Excel Builders. We can create the design you want for your home, whether it’s your whole home, your kitchen, your bathroom or any other space you want to beautify.

We are dedicated to keep you informed throughout the process. Everyone on our team is dedicated to making your home look amazing. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to feel confident during every step of our process. Give us a call to begin your remodeling project with Excel Builders today.


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