4 Top Bathroom Remodel Trends for Minneapolis 2013

Ready to make a few changes (or maybe a major overhaul) to your bathroom? Here are some current trends that may give you just the inspiration you need to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of…
Bathroom Trends
1. Heated Floors:
Especially in an area like Minnesota, in-floor heating is one perk that’s worth investing in.  Radiant heating brings together practicality and luxury.  Surprisingly it can be more cost-effective than other heating methods, and of course it feels pretty amazing on those cold winter mornings we experience far too often.
2. Emphasis on Lighting:
Lots of light and artistic lighting are a top priority in today’s bathrooms. It’s ok to make your bathroom lighting choices unexpected or statement making, as opposed to just practical.  Whether you want the romantic look of a hanging chandelier, or just lots of big windows letting in nature’s own light, a well lit bathroom is where it’s at.  Wall sconces can make a strong statement as well, and even simple ideas like hanging multiple mirrors in a display can reflect more of the ambient light for an elegant feel.  View more great ideas for bathroom lighting from Better Homes & Gardens here.
3. The Influence of Nature:
Nature-inspired bathrooms are topping the trends of recent years, with no sign of lagging.  From the color tones and feel of the room to eco-friendly fixtures, nature is influencing bathrooms around the country.  Neutral tones and patterns are big, with an emphasis on whites, beiges, browns, and greys.  With that said, pops of bright color, such as green, blue, pink, and orange, fit well into this trend too.  Picture a beautiful flower amongst a field of green grass – a little color can go a long way.  Nature inspired also means wood-look tile is big, and natural stone such as quartz is popular for countertops.  And don’t forget that those eco-friendly fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and water saving faucets, can make both your bathroom and your wallet more green.
4. A Spa-like Experience:
Our desire to emulate a spa-like experience has never been greater.  From lavish additions such as steam showers, jet-stream tubs, and waterproof speakers in the shower, to simple touches like an emphasis on candles or relaxing color tones and décor, we want our bathrooms to be a relaxing place to spend time.  Stand alone soaking tubs, such as this one from Maax, are making glamour and relaxation common place and adding to the spa experience.  And since a bathroom is the first place we go when we wake up and the last we use before going to bed, why not?
Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a calming escape?  Contact us here at Excel Builders to discuss design ideas and remodel plans for your Minneapolis / West Metro / Twin Cities bathroom.  Your relaxing oasis awaits!