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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist — Minneapolis / Twin Cities

As the snow is melting off your home (a sign of spring that we anticipate with excitement here in MN) and you begin to see your yard again, here are a few maintenance tips for making sure your home is ready for the spring and summer seasons.  Be on the lookout for potential problems now to avoid bigger repairs later!

Gutters and Downspouts:Leaves from Gutter
It’s important to clear gutters of debris and check for corrosion.  Pull leaves out of the gutters and flush downspouts with water to wash out any clogs.  Also check for any joint or fastener issues.  You can run a hose on the roof to check for proper drainage; if you find leaks they can be sealed using caulking or epoxy.  Make sure that all leader pipes are properly positioned to extend at least five feet from the foundation of your home to allow for proper drainage.

Siding & Decks:
It’s a good idea to clean your deck and siding with a pressure washer to eliminate and deter any mold and moss.  Check all exterior wood surfaces for weathering and paint chipping.  If you see wood showing through, remedy it by sanding the area and applying a primer coat before painting.  Don’t forget to inspect the area where your deck attaches to your house -- if you notice stains indicating water damage, wood decay may be close behind, weakening the structure.  If you have concerns about the structural integrity of your deck, be sure to call a pro to investigate.

Roof & Chimney:
Your roof should be inspected for any loose, cracked, curled, or missing shingles, all of which can allow leaks into your home!  Be especially careful to check around chimneys or skylights where leaks are most likely to occur.  If you’re unsure whether leaks may be a concern, peak at the rafters of your attic for possible water stains.  Also, don’t forget to check those roof vents and openings for any nests from creatures that may have made themselves a new home!  Eye your chimney for any cracks, loose bricks, missing mortar, or signs of rot.  Check to make sure the cap is still present and hasn’t collapsed to cover the chimney flue.  If you see concerns in these areas, it’s best to call a professional.

Windows & Screens:
Inspecting windows for air gaps is one of those spring chores that might very well save you money!  Gaps around your windows will not only let in heat during the summer and cold air throughout the winter, but can effect your energy bill in a big way.  Check for unwelcome openings and seal any cracks.  Also make sure that any loose window trim is secured, as it may be vulnerable during the high winds of summer thunderstorms.  While you’re at it, clean your window and door screens, checking for holes, which may let bugs or pests in.  This is also a great time to tighten and lubricate hinges and fasteners, ensuring smooth operation of those windows and doors as you go in and out all summer long.
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