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American Standard Toilets and Bathtubs – (American Standard Product Series, part 3 of 3)

Today we’re bringing you our third American Standard feature, wrapping up our three part series on American Standard products.  As you know by now American Standard is one of the leaders in bathroom products and a brand we recommend regularly.

Today we are going to highlight some popular toilet and bathtub options from American Standard, crucial elements for any bathroom, and all the better when they’re efficient and stylish!

American Standard is the undisputed leader in high performance toilets.  They are also known for their EverClean® surface, keeping materials easier to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.  Here are two of our favorite toilet styles:  Champion Toilet American Standard

  • The Champion Pro Toilet is a high efficiency, ultra-low consumption model that utilizes 20% less water!  Engineered with power in mind, it boasts the Champion® Flushing System to eliminate clogs. With a PowerWash® rim that scrubs the bowl with each flush, this toilet is also easy to maintain.  It features a trade exclusive tank and is pending approval to meet EPA WaterSense® criteria, saving money on your water bill as well as benefiting the environment.
  • The Concealed Trapway Cadet 3 is a sleek, European styled toilet boasting clean lines and a concealed trapway.  Also high efficiency and ultra low consumption, this toilet features a flushing platform that allows more water to enter the bowl faster for greater flushing power, and a larger trapway to avoid clogging. With no hard-to-clean curves this toilet is not only beautiful, but easier to maintain.  The smooth-sided design of the Cadet 3 Décor is complemented by a slow-close, telescoping seat that conceals the seat ring for a showroom-like appearance when closed.

American standard is also a leader in stylish and high quality bathtubs.  From compact baths to large and luxurious tubs, there’s a tub to fit every bathroom perfectly.

American Standard bathtubs come in a variety of high quality materials.  Here we want to feature one of those materials -- their innovative Americast® tub.  Americast Tub by American Standard

  • Americast is a proprietary, revolutionary alternative to cast iron.  It’s more durable, 50% lighter, and more affordable.  Americast tubs result from a manufacturing process in which lightweight metal is covered with a durable porcelain finish. Thanks to manufacturing advantages, Americast bathtubs can be made deeper, flatter and roomier than their cast iron counterparts. For added safety, all Americast bathtubs incorporate anti-slip surfaces.

If you’re looking to update the style and efficiency of your bathroom with a new tub, toilet, or complete bathroom remodel, be sure to browse the American Standard website for more inspiration in functionality and design.  And then get in touch with us here at Excel Builders as you begin to plan your bathroom remodel!

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