Bathroom Remodel Cheat Sheet | A Guide to Starting Your Bathroom Remodel and Comparing Remodeling Proposals

We know that remodeling your bathroom can seem like an overwhelming experience. Knowing where to start, deciding what items you need, selecting a remodeler, and determining a budget are all really important decisions.
Bathroom Remodel
Here at Excel Builders we want to make the starting process easier for you.  We truly want you to get the most for your money and have a stress-free experience.  We’ve created this “bathroom cheat sheet” to guide you through the process, even as you begin by comparing with other remodelers.
We know your time is valuable and that you want straight, simple answers.  So here you go!  Use this cheat sheet to gain an overview of the remodeling process, understand what your budget should include, and as a reference for comparing proposals.
As you’ll see, most bathroom remodels in Minneapolis will recoup 57-59% of their cost as added value to the home.  So a bathroom remodel is a well-chosen investment, and one you can spend a lot of time enjoying as well!
Download your Bathroom Remodel Cheat Sheet here, and get started on planning your new bathroom today!
Excel Builders specializes in bathroom remodeling and renovation projects in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro areas. Our goal is to help you create the bathroom you want within your budget.  Learn more about Excel Builder’s bathroom remodeling process and see samples of bathroom projects here.