Establishing a Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Designing and planning your bathroom remodel project is one of the most important steps of the bathroom remodeling process. Planning your bathroom remodel is not as easy as going to the local home improvement store, buying some tile, a new vanity, and some new fixtures, and going home to start tearing your bathroom apart.
If you try this approach, you will quickly realize that it is not an effective or productive approach.
A very important component of the bathroom remodeling project is establishing your budget for your project. To provide you with a starting point, I detailed the basic material costs for a bathroom remodel. Please realize that these costs are general estimates for a basic bathroom remodel to guide you when establishing your budget.
Tile – $7 to $15 a square foot
Bathtub – $500.00
Vanity – a good estimate is $125 per linear foot for the vanity
Vanity top
Sink – A good starting estimate is $200
Bathtub and shower Faucet – $350
Vanity Faucet – $150
Mirror – $200
Bathroom Accessories – $200 0
Primer, paint, accessories – $125
If you have a 5 foot by 8 foot bathroom, you have 40 square feet. I would budget $400 for materials.
Dumpster – $300
Plumbing – $1,000
Electrical – $800
It is important to stay within your overall budget. Once you have a budget established for the items that are needed, it is time to decide who is going to complete the work. Undertaking a bathroom remodel can be a time consuming and stressful situation if you decide to complete the remodel on your own. Some questions you need ask yourself before attempting a remodel on your own include:
Do you have the time to complete the remodel?
A bathroom cannot be properly remodeled in one weekend. As a contractor, I suggest that you develop a remodeling timeline, and then add extra days. Some unforeseen problem or hold up will occur. To save yourself unneeded stress during the remodeling project, pad your timeline by a minimum of a few days.
Do you have the necessary tools to complete the remodel?
Whether completing the remodel yourself or choosing to work with a contractor this information should be helpful in deciding what you would like to spend on your remodel and what you expect for your money.