Home Additions – Part I of III

Are you considering a home expansion?  Do you need more space?  If so, an addition to your home may be just what you need to give you and your family more room to enjoy the home you are already living in!   Let’s discuss what options are available for those planning and completing a home addition.
Most people will consider a home addition in order to expand their kitchen, add a master suite, or put in an additional bathroom.  Whatever the reason for the addition, the renovation will ultimately be defined by you, to meet the needs of you and your family.

Completing an addition can be a rewarding project for everyone involved.  Generally, an expansion provides the additional space you and your family are looking for to allow you to continue living in your home.  A properly planned addition usually allows for a better functioning home.  An addition is an investment in both your home and your family.  As with any investment, you need to start with proper planning.  It is important to hire the correct remodeling company to complete the work.
To show you various renovation and expansion options, we will use a quaint one and half story home to review different home addition solutions.
The first addition we will discuss is the bump out. While arguably the most effective expansion option, the bump out is limited in that it can only provide a small amount of additional space. However, a bump out is an excellent solution if you need just a couple more feet added to your kitchen to make the room function more efficiently. Unlike other home additions, a bump out does not need its own foundation. Instead, a bump out can rely on the home’s existing foundation and structure to carry the weight.

This picture illustrates how a bump out might look from the inside of the kitchen.  In this instance, the bump out was two feet, two inches deep, allowing enough room for a row of cabinets and countertops.

The cost for a bump out without a foundation can range from $10,000.00 – $20,000.00.  In most cases, a bump out is completed in conjunction with other home improvements such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

When planning a bump out you will need to consider:
To learn about the possibilities of adding an addition to your home, contact Excel Builders!  Stay tuned for next’s week post when we will explore addition expansion options.